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I learned to much from India: Yoga, Ayurveda,dehachment, spirituality. And PVA was a very nice part of that great adventure! I discovered the wonderful power of plant and ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda will change my way of life for the future ofr sure.” And I hope to come back to continue to learn this treditonal medicine.

Thanks everyone!

Elise The course nice really internship, but I would like to have explaaination about the practical training (massages)explanation of the future, sense of the persume.”



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One more BSS exam tomorrow and that is it for my 1month here in PVA. Thank you all very much for this month. A special thanks to all the girls for taking care of us all day long bringing us chai, food and always with a smile! There is not much more needed to brighten up a day! Thank you very much to the teacher (thearoy&practical) I learned a lot,also about myself You’re doing a great joy. Thank you also to the yoga teacher for his enthusiastic teaching! Have a happy &heathy life!


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NAMASTE at all!!!”” So good the time spend with everybody!…. “ I am full of knowledge now but also I must learn a lots but thank you for your help in my experience here! I will miss everybody.” But don’t worry ,” I can come back from 1 day to other!”” Smile,smile,smile Everytime The best knowledge For happiness!


Place : FRANCE

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Namaste Sincere thanks from the depath of my heart. I spend a very rich month. I learnt a lot. Arsha is an excellent teacher, service is plesent and the staff very carrying. Sibi is very kind and takes care of all our needs for our staying to be confostable. I discovered PVA from a friend’s advice and I will tell about you to those who wish to study Ayurveda. Thank you again to all of you. May be I will comeback with a letter english speaking. Dr` Poilan you can be proude of your staff. All my best thoughts from my heart. Wish you a happy future.


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