PVA School of Yoga is an undertaking of PVA Multi-specialty hospital (www.ayurvedaacharya.com). We started our yoga career in 2003 by only providing some morning yoga practice to the patients and to the Ayurveda Students of PVA hospital and PVA Ayurveda school. In the year 2005, we started a separate school yoga named PVA School of yoga. This School is affiliated under District yoga association, Kannur which is a district level affiliating authority of National yoga federation . We provides thee different types of yoga courses for international and national students:

  • Basic yoga course
  • Teachers Training course
  • Yoga Therapy course


Which is fulfilling one month daily morning practical class by this course we aim to provide a minimum balanced yoga program for once daily individual yoga practice. This program include:

1. Different types of Asanas (yoga postures) which will provide one a flexible and healthy physical body through regular practice.

2. Preparatory practice – Is not possible for a beginner to perform all the perfect yogic postures, they need some preparation to master in Asanas.

3. Yogic breathing practices – are a different types of scientific breathing practices, will improve the functioning of the respiratory system and regular practice will vitalize the energy and mental body, is also a preparatory practice for advance yogic breath control practice – Pranayama.

Teachers Training course :

Is an advanced course of yoga provided by our institute. Aiming to give a comprehensive knowledge about yoga practice and philosophy. To be a teacher in any subject one need a wide range of knowledge about the related subject. As Yoga is an Indian traditional spiritual practice we can’t separate form Indian tradition and culture. So through these course students getting basic details about Indian culture and traditional living,

History and development of yoga system by centuries. Discursion on the ancient yogic scriptures based on which yoga system exists. A detailed explanation on the cause and effect of different yogic practices.

Yoga Therapy course:

Yoga is a pure spiritual science, was only develop with a spiritual aim. But yoga science accepting that, to achieve that spiritual aim one need the support of healthy mind and body and advising a natural lifestyle and health practice to achieve that aim. Intellectual application and regular practice of yoga will provide a tremendous therapeutic benefit to the practitioner. While modern medicine offering a lot to the human kind in managing of acute illness, accidents and communicable diseases etc., yoga has a lot to offer in terms of preventive, pre motive and rehabilitative methods. The yogic concept of healing is getting more acceptance this time when the science more realizing and accepting the spiritual side of the human being and understanding majority of the diseases are psycho somatic in character.

Our yoga therapy course deals with application of yogic concept of health by integrating the modern knowledge and how to apply it to manage the common diseases.


Yoga means union – self to the cosmic consciousness. Self is beyond the mind level. Normal man is in the material world with a material mind searching for pleasure. Cosmic consciousness is a state of full of bliss. One need to over come the material mind to achieve this state and this is not easy for an ordinary man to achieve this level. Vedic or Indian tradition advising different paths to transform a person from ordinary level to divine state ad to achieve this ultimate state of bliss. And this different path is known as different yoga path. As there are a lot of paths all are coming under four main paths.

  •     Karma yoga –Realization of divinity through unselfish duty.
  •     Bakthi yoga- Realization through doubtless belief in God.
  •     Jnanayoga- Realizing the truth through knowledge and
  •     Raja yoga- Realization of divinity through self control.

Different ancient Vedic Scriptures explaining about this different paths, especially in the Bagavath Githa. The entire four paths are inseparable from each other. It is interrelated in deep level based on the different layer of human body like mental, emotional , intellectual etc.

According to Swami Vivekananda,a famous Indian monk “Every soul is potentially divine the goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling the nature internal and external. Do this either by work or worship or psychic control or philosophy. By one or more or all and be free”


As there are number of different paths of yoga which can lead one to the state of freedom, Hatha yoga is the most fulfilling path which provides different tools which will help one to Achieve all the three level of union from lowest to the highest layers of existence.

  •     Physical body with mental body.
  •     Mental body with individual self.
  •     Individual self with supreme self.

The word Hatha yoga is the combined form of two root word Ha and tha which represent two opposite energy which is the base for the existence of every creation right from smallest atom to the largest stars. In human body Ha and Tha represent the physical and mental energy.

Asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control) mudra (physical attitude) and kriya (Purification) nadanusandana (sound practice) are the tools which can lead one to the perfection.

Hatha yoga practice will improves the physical structure and make it healthy, improves the functioning of digestive, excretory, respiratory, circulatory and endocrine systems. Practice will improve the energy level of a person and balance it by making the free flow of energy by pranayama and mudra practices. Regular dedicated practice will create a balance in the emotional body and calming down the mind by removing the stress and depression. Continuing the regular practice will develop a mental physical awareness and will lead to an awareness beyond the mind level that’s the realization of soul. This realization will lead one to the state of supreme bliss which is beyond all the material pleasure.

Yogacharya Sudheep Thunoli (M Sc. Yoga – Chief instructor and head of the department)

yogaacharyaHe started his yoga study in the year 1987 at the age of eleven from Chirakkal Yoga Centre which is one of the well known yoga centre in Kannur district Under yoga guru Sree Sreedharan Acharya. He continued 17 years as a disciple of this Acharya. In this period he also served as a co-instructor at the centre. He participated twice in national yoga championship in the years 1994(at Bangalore) and 1999(at VK Yoga, Bangalore). Three times won the title of Kerala state yoga champion ship. Completed the Yoga Teachers training under Kerala state yoga association in the year 2004


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